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When you read this meme, take a photo of your desk and post it to your journal.

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Jesus Green is surprisingly nice at this time of year; not energy-sappingly chilly, and it's pleasant to discover that I can in fact swim a hundred yards at a time without stopping. Twelve lengths, so a bit over a kilometre; four each breast-stroke, back-stroke and crawl. Fast crawl took me just over three minutes but left me heart-pounding and distinctly dizzy; the other strokes seemed to take about 4.5, though I think I always managed under five minutes — looking on wikipedia, this is almost exactly four times as slow as the world record holder, which is probably the best spin I can put on my unreasonable sluggishness. I was a bit surprised to find that I had trouble walking in a straight line as I got out of the pool at the end of the swim; chlorinated ears?

It's clear that I hang around at the ends of the pool for as long as I think I can get away with, so Jesus Green's having a quarter as many ends as Parkside is an advantage.

Sadly I managed to miss [ profile] numberland; I'll try again next week.

The exercise has left me too tired to spend the evening sitting creatively in front of a hot iPhoto to prepare the full shiny photo-post that I promised [ profile] taimatsu, but look what I saw at the weekend:

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The weather is too hot, so I have caused the Mad Turks at Celik's of King Street to remove my beard and most of my hair.


The weather being, as I said, too hot, I'll be off to Parkside shortly for a swim.

On the other hand, at least it's good for the garden:

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That was a really good day; great hymns at the service, the gorgeous gardens of Selwyn, supper at Gardie's which I'd managed never to visit in however-many years around Cambridge, and the chance to dance with a vast multitude of pretty girls at the ceilidh afterwards.

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