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I've just listened to Woody Guthrie's Grand Coulee Dam three times, because there's nothing in my collection quite like it.

Among my readers are some vastly better-listened than I. Can you suggest similar eulogies to reinforced concrete and thirty-foot turbines? I suppose Leslie Fish's Hope Eyrie is something of the same kind of thing.
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I've started watching more DVDs, thanks to Blockbuster and to having Ben in the house of evenings; mostly things that I remember being vaguely entertaining as cinema trailers but never got round to seeing on the big screen.

Are there any films that end with the massive intervention of legitimate authority? After Hot Fuzz and Mr and Mrs Smith, I would be very refreshed to see something where the police exist, are summoned to scenes of inordinate mayhem, and don't give up until the perpetrator is caught; where Secret Society A and Secret Society B clash in Los Angeles and both end up trapped in road-blocked streets and detained by the LAPD; or where the characters engaged in diabolism end up encountering the wrath of God and transformed to pillars of salt.

I suppose Good Omens comes close to the last.

This may be like my main complaint with Grand Theft Auto, which is that the police give up too readily; repeatedly shooting policemen gets you the attention of the army, but this is an opportunity to rampage in a stolen tank rather than the certainty of long-range-rifle-borne instantaneous death.

It's probably difficult to write an engaging script which features the arrest, trial and detention of the hero, and 'shot by the SWAT team' is a somewhat sudden conclusion. But I'd just for once like to see something where the firing of a single shot is a major life-changing event.

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