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Serves four quite hungry people, or one quite hungry person four times; or fills one lunch-box for about a week

  • 400 grams of chicken breast, coarsely diced

  • 200 grams of bacon, finely chopped - my friends all recommend using scissors

  • Two 400-gram tins of chopped tomatoes

  • Twenty of those small pitted black olives that you get in jars packed in brine, cut into quarters (that's about two-thirds of a jar; use the whole jar if you really like olives)

  • Half a small butternut squash, diced neither especially fine nor especially coarse

  • Half an onion, finely chopped

  • Dried Mixed Herbs from the Mixed Herb jar

Put a little oil into a casserole pot and put the heat under it; add the onion and the bacon and let it fry a bit, add the chicken and let it fry a bit more, add the tomato and let it bubble a bit, add the olives and let it bubble a bit, add the herbs, add the diced squash, put the lid on it and put it in a moderate oven (gas mark 4) for about an hour.

Take the lid off, stir vigorously to encourage the butternut squash to disintegrate, put the lid back on and leave for about another 45 minutes. Take the lid off, stir vigorously, leave the lid off, put it back in the oven while you make some pasta-that-comes-as-individual-pasts (I used penne; fusilli or farfalle would work nicely; spaghetti or tagliatelle wouldn't). Take out of oven, serve with pasta.

The olives and the Mixed Herbs add a nice pizza-ish taste, the squash disintegrates as you boil it in acid and thickens and sweetens the tomatoes as they reduce; the bacon vanishes leaving its flavour and the occasional meaty speck. It comes out a lovely volcanic orange.
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There are two ways of making flapjacks, the healthy way which produces a large slab of oats lightly contaminated with toffee, and the less healthy way which produces a large slab of toffee lightly contaminated with oats.

Commercial flapjacks tend to be of the first kind; moreover they make the toffee with margarine. I made two batches for [ profile] beckyc's party yesterday, one of each kind; they were much-appreciated, the toffier ones even more so than the others.

It was a good party, preceded by a walk around Wimpole with Becky and Owen in what was thankfully snow rather than rain: we watched X-files and Xena, listened to the Wombles, and MBM juggled flashing balls and rolled a crystal ball around his hand in an entertainingly show-off kind of a way. Becky made creme brulee to demonstrate her new blowtorch, Alison made baked alaska, and the room became companionably full.

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